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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Field Partner

We rescued a new puppy back in April this year. His name is Cid and he is a wonderful and welcome addition to our little family. I have always been a big dog kind of guy, but Molly was leaning more to the 5-10 lb range. We decided to compromise on a 40ish lb dog (he currently is about 35lbs and slowing down). We have a large apartment without a real yard so this actually worked out well. The rescue agency labeled him a lab/terrier mix, but we just call him our Detroit mutt. I have to admit he has a little bit of a pitbull look to him with his wonderful brindle color. Despite that, he is only friendly, maybe even too much so. Basically he is a terrible watch dog, never barks, and just licks anything that will pet him.

One of my main criteria in searching for a dog was ensuring that it would be very active and able to go on hikes with me in the field. I finally got to test the little guy out this past weekend on a 3 day camping/canoeing trip with my brother Brian. Cid is deathly afraid of water, but he tolerated the canoe well and was very good about hopping in and out of it on his own. His favorite activity was the hiking. We took a a few long hikes and he loved the freedom of running through the woods. He is great off a leash and never strays farther then 20-30 feet. He basically ran around sniffing and chewing on sticks. When we did catch some herps, he calmy laid down nearby and waited until we were done photographing the animals. I could never have wished for a better hiking companion.

The little herper in the making, with his turtle and snake, both now long chewed to bits.

He didn't start out too active - catching up on sleep with the snake.

Due to his fear of water, I decided to get a life vest for him in case he decided to leap off the canoe. He can swim, although his rear end tends to drop down a bit in his state of panic.

Sporting the vest, prior to the first trip. He knows something is up and is hanging back a little.

Still not sure about this... We had been canoeing for a while and he was as far from the water as the tall grass would allow.

Showing some love for his new buddy, Brian, prior to another attempt at swimming.

The aftermath of the swim, hating us...

Doesn't mind the canoe too much...

At camp the last night.

Enjoying one of the hikes, and his biggest stick of the weekend.

I can't wait to get him out for some more hikes in the future. I look forward to many finds with my new little buddy.


  1. Nice to see what El Cid looks like! -CRB

  2. He sure isn't exactly a show dog, but we love our little mutt.