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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Hill Country of Southern Ohio

On the front page of Buckeye Herps, I have a quote from the late and great Roger Conant that had been included in his landmark, Reptiles of Ohio - "Southeastern Ohio was unquestionably our favorite collecting area."

I really started cutting my teeth in the Appalachian foothills of Ohio, and have spent much more time down there than any part of the state. It is not surprising that I feel a great fondness for that area. I mention this because my good friend, and mentor, Carl Brune, just put together a wonderful post on Fieldherpforum from his experiences in that part of the state during this year. His account is rich in history, visually stimulating and full of Ohio gems. He is also fond of Conant quotes. Everyone should check it out!

Carl Brune's 2009 in Southeast Ohio

Here are some shots of Carl from days past... I haven't been able to hit the field with him in Ohio this year, but we did make a great trip out of state. Ohio herpetology is lucky to have him.

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