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Saturday, November 28, 2009

In Flight Internet

Despite the hefty price tag ($12 per flight) I am loving in flight internet as we fly from San Diego to Chicago. I am able to catch up on hulu, purchase xmas gifts and check email, all better than the wifi at the resort we just spent a week at. Not a bad way to spend the 3 hour flight.

Unfortunately, the week was dry. SOCAL was in bad need of rain and herps were impossible to come by. This morning we woke up with a strong storm just as we were leaving. I would have killed to stay another day or two...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Always Sunny In San Diego

I am finally on something of a real vacation. We leave for San Diego Saturday, and hopefully I will have some wildlife to share. Molly and I visited there last March and had a great time. The time of the year isn't optimal from a herping standpoint, and the weather in Michigan is chilling around a balmy 50F, actually pretty pleasant.

How about some animals from the last visit?

I can't really expect to do that well, but I really hope to knock off a few animals I missed last time.

The League

Never thought I would throw in the towel on the Browns, but man is this year bad. Luckily, I work every Sunday and even missed the abysmal Monday night game. I was excited to hear the game vs Detroit this weekend was going to be blacked out in my area, prohibiting me from watching it. Unfortunately, we will be in San Diego for the week, so I might actually be able to watch us loose to another terrible team.

The good news is FX has a new show called the league. If you like football, and you never really "grew up" this show is for you. Check it out.


I imagine my interest in herps started in a manner similar to this...

My childhood also involved devouring as much of the escapades of Calvin and trusty Hobbes as I could.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I finally get a few days off and hope to get back out in the (cold) field. Planning on spending a few days in Cleveland, and I knew a few places where salamanders can be found under snow, so hopefully I will have some images to share. I should have some more time to post some old trips as well. Sorry about the long silence...