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Thursday, December 13, 2012

One Last Paddle, Again!

Michigan was lucky to have a few warm spells in November and I managed to sneak up north for a day to take advantage of the weather. Curtis and I met on the fringe of wood turtle territory, although in a river system they are not known from. The conditions were sunny, but cool in the mid to low 50s. It probably wasn't the best time of the year to try and explore fringe rivers, but it was a little closer of a drive for the two of us on a day trip.

We had a some great access, and quickly prepared for the trip. The old trusty explorer made this excursion and is still treating me well.

I am usually not an advocate of drinking while paddling. I focus on the turtles and save that for the campfire, but on a lazy day we couldn't resist bringing one for the water.

We quickly started seeing map turtles basking along the river though. I think we ended up with about 15 for the day.

This turtle was gaping like a crocadilian. I don't see them do this too often.
We were able to watch a pileated woodpecker for a while, but I was unable to get a clear shot.

A great way to enjoy a fall paddle.

Happy Herping,


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Herp ID Help: 5

Although this is pretty easy, I will give you two pictures of the same species. Cell phone pictures can be kinda blurry sometimes!

Click for snake ID:

Both pictures are again of Eastern Milksnakes Lampropeltis triangulum.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Herp ID Help: 4

Looks very similar to some of the snakes already posted...

Click for snake ID:

But this is a young Black Ratsnake Pantherophis obsoleta. They have much more distinct markings when they are young, which usually fade into the classic black most people are used to. Some individuals will retain a light pattern into their adult age.