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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Michigan Birding Blog??

We interupt our regularily scheduled program temporarily...

I have been in the field a bunch this month searching out various herps, canoeing, and even "gasp", herping the name sake Buckeye State.  On other free days we have been doing some house hunting here in Michigan.  The weather has been dismal at times and I have been doing a bit more birding on some of the slower days.  I am fairly ignorant when it comes to feathered herps, but I have enjoyed photographing a few species and hope to share them soon.

So please pardon a few bird (they are herps anyway right?) pics here and there!

male Kirtland's Warbler singing
As cool as seeing a bunch of these birds up close was, none of which landed in a Jack Pine, I would have been 100 times happier with a MI Kirtland's snake!

I hope to finally finish up Hawaii and share some of my April and May exploits soon!


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