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Monday, May 9, 2011

Feeling the Crunch at the Pump

This is from last Tues.  Filled up with regular to $4.29.  I was running low after a long day of herping in the 99 Explorer.  I love her for the dogs, the high clearance and the ability to lug tins/boards/camping equipment/trailers.  When you are herping alot and filling up every 1-2 days though, it really starts to hurt.  Luckily, prices have come down a bit since then.  I don't have the cash to just trade her in, but when she finally dies (hopefully not soon!) I am looking forward to picking up something with much better gas mileage.  She is still going strong with around 140k and I hope to get over 200k.

Cid living large last summer.



  1. I hear you. We have had to slow way down on hiking/birding/herping trips. I'm really hoping that it doesn't get worse this summer!

  2. It's so hard to cut back this time of the year though... Gotta make some sacrifices somewhere I guess.

  3. Your red wagon is still running strong -- hope it keeps going for a good long while! Cost of petrol pales in comparison to the cost of a new ride. -CRB

  4. I hear ya strongly. It's tough when you go through a tank a day though... Have taken a couple big trips recently. AZ is going to to be painful. Do you remember how much gas was when we were in Texas?

  5. When we were in TX in June 2009, gas was about $2.70/gal and we drove about 2700 miles. We probably spent $300 on gas. -CRB