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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Season Ending

Unfortunately, things are becoming cold and dreary here.  A cool fall rain is falling as I type.  In a perfect world, there would still be days to be had in the field, but I am pretty booked through Oct and Nov due to hectic work schedules and various little trips.  Before I know it snow will be falling...

This season came and went fast.  I spent far less time in the field compared to years past.  It was still a memorable year, if not epic, and I enjoy any time spent outdoors.  I did manage to get out with the dogs last week on a specially nice day.  We saw a few snakes, likely the last of the year, some frogs and a salamander or two.  A far cry from other early October outings in years past, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Brian should still have some field time left out there, especially for salamanders, and hopefully he will get out.  Otherwise, I will try and share things as they come up, do some flashbacks and try and get through to the countdown for Spring again.

I will end with an image.  Although I am not currently in an area that has marbled salamanders, Ambystoma opacum, they actually breed in the fall.  This differs from most other Ambystomids.  We are getting a nice October rain right now, and if I were in southern Ohio right now, I would be sure to be out looking for them.

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