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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Doldrums

It has been a very slow July, and I haven't been able to do much.  I did try canoeing a bit with my wife and the dogs, but we didn't see a single turtle despite 4 hours on a nice river.  I am heading out for another canoe trip Tues and hopefully we will have some better luck on the west side of the state.  Other than that, I don't have much interesting to offer at this point. 

I have tried to get my brother to share his Costa Rica adventures, but despite initially being excited, I think he is just too busy at the moment.  I can't blame him for wanting to waste time in the country on a computer.  Hopefully he will share when he returns.  I will be flying down to meet up with him for a week in August.

About this time of the year in Ohio, I would start focusing on herping in the late afternoon/evenings and then roadcruising in the hot humid weather.  This ended up being a very productive method at turning up some interesting pitvipers.  Depending on your selection of roads, and persistence, you may happen upon a few of these...

Timber Rattlesnakes Crotalus horridus

and even more of these

Copperhead  Agkistrodon contortix

We will try our luck a bit with roadcruising in Costa Rica and hope to turn up other members of Genus Agkistrodon and Crotalus.


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