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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ohio 2011 Goals - The results are in!

I made a post two winters ago now discussing goals I had set for myself for 2011 in Ohio and Michigan.  Well I am finally slogging through my data, admittedly during the wrong time of the year, and had finished up the Ohio portion. 

For Ohio 2011.

1. Herp with Carl and Brian a couple solid days this spring.  Check!
2. 50 records. Epic Fail! Although 30+ records was better than my last 2 years combined.
3. Get one of the last remaining animals I have yet to see that occur in Ohio. The ones I have left to see are short-headed garter snake (tried in 2006, 2010), Copperbellied watersnake (tried in 2007), Ouachita Map turtle (tried in 2006) and southern leopard frog. Epic Fail!  I didn't actually try for anything of these, but maybe some day...

My Michigan data for 2011 is wrapping up pretty nicely though.  It was a very good year in the field for me in Michigan and on a couple travels. I hope to be done with it soon.  My Michigan and Ohio 2012 data are looking pretty miserable.  The weather and work has made this season fairly difficult.  I still have August and September to try and salvage some of the paddling stuff, I just need people to paddle with...  Maybe I shouldn't be wasting time in the summer on field notes?

Who wants to come up and paddle Michigan?


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