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Monday, August 15, 2011

Arizona Travels

I enjoy making trips down to Arizona when ever I get a chance.  Rarely, it is strictly for herping, but I usually manage to get down there once or twice a year.  Carl and I have kind of fallen on a bi-yearly strictly herp trip schedule, although I have been fortunate enough to take one big trip every summer the last five years in a row now.  Arizona has now recieved two "strictly herping" designations the past few years.  I went to Arizona with Carl in June of 2007, Brazil with my medical school in April 2008, Texas with Carl in June 2009, Costa Rica with Brian in August 2010 and now Arizona with Carl and Brian this past July.  Looking back I realize how lucky I am to have the time, resources and loving family to tolerate my guilty pleasures...

That's not Arizona!?!

While preparing to commit the most recent tale to blogger's memory, I realized I never had a chance to share the previous large trip back from 2007.  Instead of jumping into the new trip, why not share trips past to set the mood...

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